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Places of Interest



  • Walk to Hope Cove – our local nearest beach

    It will take you around 45 minutes and is mostly across the fields taking in the breathtaking views of our coastline and out to sea.  Start by going out our car park and turn right and walk past the church.  Go right at the fork and follow the lane down towards Hope Cove.  Watch out for tractors! After 10 minutes or so you will see a footpath sign on the left.  Take this and cross the field and the next.  You will see 2 wind turbines in a field.  Walk across this field to the side and you will open up to the amazing views and be on the bridge at the top of the valley of the beautiful Devon countryside.  You will then see a tractor track going downhill all the way to the coast keep going straight and you will eventually come into the middle of hope cove.  Turn right after the church and that will take you to the most popular beach as you can sunbathe and swim even when the tide is in.  Also check out the Cove Café Bar while you are down there.  As this walk is across fields it gets muddy in winter and when we have had loads of rain.

  • The Gara Rock Circular Walk

    This walk takes in all the great things about Devon.  Beaches, amazing views on the coast path, a rewarding G&T halfway round at the gorgeous Gara Rock Hotel and then a downhill walk through ancient woodland back to the foot ferry to take you back across the water to Salcombe town centre.  If you don’t stop it takes around 2 hours but most stop for a refresh and chill at the hotel.  Be sure to ask where the foot ferry goes from as its slightly different in Salcombe depending on the time of year.  Top tip also is when you get across the other side of the estuary off the foot ferry walk along the beaches first if the tide is out enough (if not you can walk the road) when you get to the toilet block pick up the coast path and keep heading to the right.  Don’t be tempted to go left as this will take you inland straight to the hotel and you will miss the amazing views. Once you get to the hotel after 90 minutes on the coast path you can stop there its open to non-residents.  To get back just walk up the lane 100 metres and bear left through the woodland track and this will take you back to the toilet block where you started to get the ferry back (check the last ferry times on your trip over).

  • North Sands Water Sports - Paddle Board Hire