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We look forward to welcoming you. When you make your booking you are entering into an agreement with us.
Please read our terms and conditions of booking below:
Arrival and Departure Check-in is available from 4.00pm to 10.00pm (16:00 to 22:00) on the day of arrival.
Check-in times outside of those specified must be confirmed with us prior to arrival.
We ask that you please vacate your room by 10.30am (10:30) on the morning of departure.
Some of the data gathered during the course of a booking may be held on computer. We would like to hold this data after your visit to be able to inform you of future offers. If you would prefer us not to hold this information please let us know.

Private Car Park for Brightham House Boutique Bed & Breakfast, via Lower Town, Malborough, Devon – Full Terms and Conditions last updated: 18/04/202


1.1              Entry to, or use of, the car park is subject to the following Terms & Conditions of Brightham House Boutique Bed & Breakfast, trading as Veness Browning Enterprise Ltd (“the Company”).  These Terms & Conditions shall be binding on every person entering the car park, with or without vehicle (the “Guest”) being every person who may have any interest in the vehicle being parked in the car park (a “vehicle”), or in any of the contents of such vehicle.  By entering the car park, the person/s shall be deemed to have accepted these Terms & Conditions.

1.2              These Terms & Conditions may not be varied, save in writing by the hand of a Director of the Company.

1.5              All vehicles entering or remaining in the car park must be roadworthy, taxed and insured at all times.

This car park is subject to charges where applicable to some ‘Guest users’, which will be issued annually. These charges go towards the maintenance and any upkeep costs.


2.1              The car park is open to staying guests during our season. The Company will use reasonable endeavours to safeguard vehicles parked in the car park, but the Company accepts no liability whatsoever for the loss of damage to any vehicle or its contents save to the extent that it is proved to be directly caused by the negligence or wilful act or wilful default of the Company or its employees or agents. Customers enter the car park at their own risk.

The car park is monitored by CCTV with cameras and sound. This is for the safety of our guests and extra security. We reserve the right to use any recordings from the CCTV cameras for any legal disputes.


3.1              All Guests are required, in the event of any accident at the car park (whether involving a vehicle or otherwise), or any theft from a vehicle at the car park, to follow these steps:

(a)              Inform a member of the Company’s staff of the occurrence and assist in the completion of an email

(b)               in cases of theft, to also immediately inform the Police

(c)               to notify their insurers promptly, where appropriate

3.3              The Company shall not be liable for any claim (other than a claim arising under Condition 2.1 above) where a Customer (or other person as aforesaid) shall fail to notify the Company of such incidence in accordance with Condition 3.2 (above).


4.1              It is the Guests responsibility to ensure that their vehicle is left secured in the car park and any personal items are placed ‘out of sight’.  A Customer must not leave his or her vehicle unsecured, even if requested to do so by a member of the Company’s staff.

4.2              The signs displayed in the car park form part of these Terms & Conditions.  The Company reserves the right to eject and to refuse future admittance to any person or vehicle which has failed to obey such signs or has otherwise failed to comply with these Terms & Conditions, or who in the Company’s sole opinion has misbehaved or otherwise failed to act responsibly in the car park or in any other car park which may from time to time be in the Company’s ownership, control, or management.

Guests are required:

4.3.1           To park their vehicle entirely within the centre of the marked white lines that for, the parking space.

4.3.2           After parking their vehicle, to proceed with any accompanying persons to the nearest exit;

4.4              In no circumstances whatsoever should a Guest act in or utilise the car park in any of these ways:

(a)               Interfere or get into a dispute with other car park users, which would be deemed causing a nuisance and harasment.

(a.1)            towing another vehicle or being towed; or

(b)               working on or cleaning a vehicle; or

(c)               any activity connected with the sale, hire or other disposal of a vehicle; or

(d)               camping or cooking; or

(e)               any storage of goods or materials; or

(f)                dumping of any objects; or

(g)               doing or attempting to do anything which is a criminal offence; or

(h)               making unnecessary noise, including playing music so loudly as to annoy other users.

4.6              Combustible, flammable and explosive materials are strictly prohibited within the car park with the exception of the normal contents of a fuel tank or a fuel can (maximum contents: 10litres).

4.7              Vehicle repairs, modifications or refuelling must not be carried out in the car park, except in an emergency.

4.8              Guests must not deface the appearance of the car park in any way.

4.10            Guests must obey any reasonable instruction given by the car park staff.

9.                GENERAL

9.1              Paragraph headings in these Terms & Conditions are inserted for convenience only and shall not affect the interpretation or construction of these Terms & Conditions.

9.2              The Company may without the consent of the Guest assign the benefit and or burden of all or any part of these Terms & Conditions to any other person, firm, or company.

9.3              These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English Law and the Customer submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in connection with any dispute which may arise between the Company and the Customer in connection with these Terms & Conditions.