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Visit Devon and Brightham House Boutique Bed & Breakfast you will be able to enjoy our beautiful enclosed courtyard garden.

The garden has lots of areas for you to relax after a day on the beach or a long coastal walk.

Relax enjoy the last bit of sun on the comfy outdoor sofa. Submerse yourself in the beautifully designed courtyard garden.

The garden design is inspired by Scott & Alistair’s love of Tuscany and the Italian lifestyle. Olive and tall Cypress trees create a mediterranean holiday feel.

You’ll also notice theirs a taste of other world travel destinations. The Asian bamboo reminisces holidays times in Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines. Giant tropical palms trees fill the garden with shade. It’s a taste of paradise.



See inside  ‘The Lotus Lounge’ 🪷

A new Asian inspired hideout in our own mini oasis garden at Brightham House.

Every time you visit us there will be something new… Something different… And something exciting!

If you’d like to book this room for breakfast or our ‘Italian Feast’ night during the summer, just drop us a message.

Guests can enjoy the lounge in the summer evenings to eat, play games and enjoy a glass of wine.



Koi Pond

Sit back and enjoy a Salcombe Gin or two in the sun, relaxing with the sound of water, watching the beautiful fish in the ornamental Koi pond.

During the Summer breakfast can be served on the sun terrace, so you can wake up and enjoy the summer sunshine.