New Gym with the latest Peloton bike

Gym & Wellbeing Centre

Our New gym is now here! It’s ready and waiting for fitness fanatics like us. We all know how important it is to keep fit and healthy these days. Going to a holiday in a hotel doesn’t mean you need to lose out on getting your daily exercise in. Much as we have lots of other leisure actives to enjoy in Devon, there’s nothing like your own fitness fix.

The Gym

We tried to have something for everyone in our gym. For you Peloton followers we’ve got a spin bike, Go Peloton. You’ll be able to login and continue with you preferred classes, or as a guest on ours. If you like to hit the tread, we’ve got the Peloton running machine, again with lots of fitness classes. Or some of us just might like to do some gentle walks, or bike rides to get the heart rate going. Whatever your fitness levels are it’s all pretty much here.


Now if your like me I’m not so much in to cardio, and prefer the free weights. Using BodyMax multi-gym you’ll be able to bench press light or heavy weights. There’s cable weights that you’ll be able to build your triceps, back muscles and build your core. If you grab a mat you’ll be able to plank, kettlebell swing or use our medicine ball that will really give your core a full workout.

We’ve tried to make the gym a multi-functional garden room. By that you can use it to perhaps practice your pilates, and yoga positions.

Wellbeing Centre

We believe that looking after your mental health is so important in the world we all live in these days. We are fortunate to live in Devon, where the pace is a bit slower. However we can all have moments in our life when our minds struggle to cope.

During your stay at Brightham House you will hopefully be able to take time out, relax and those troubles will melt away. Take a moment to read our self help board, it’t got lots of positive messages to help you. If you like books we’ve got self help books, which you might enjoy and learn new skills.

Scott and I (Alistair) are always around to chat, as that’s one of our favourite things about running our B&B. We love to socialise, meet new people and are passionate about caring and looking out for others. If it’s fitness tips you need, I also love to put together workout, so just ask me when you come for any help and I’ll be there.